smartQuarry develops a truly effective IIoT solution for your quarry.

Move mountains with your data

With telematics we can detect and collect an incredible amount of data. So the question we continuously ask ourselves is: how much is enough?
At sQ we don’t just want to create the best telematics on the market, we are dedicated to challenging the status quo by creating services that connect an entire ecosystem within the quarry industry.
Services that will change the future of quarry mining.

Our Philosophy

sQ is an innovative collaborative ecosystem that brings together solutions to real-world problems. sQ brings together partners who work together at every step of the innovation journey.
- The quarry owns the data
- Store large vehicle data independent of the machine manufacturer
- Connection of different data silos within the company

Meet smartQuarry @ FORUM MIRO in Berlin

We are going to FORUM MIRO Berlin in November!

SmartQuarry will be present at this years FORUM MIRO fair at thein Berlin. FORUM MIRO is a fair for miners which is held every year at the Mercure Hotel in Berlin

See tomorrow's FUTURE today

Challenging the Status Quo within the mining and quarry industry

Since 2017, sQ has specialized in the design, development and production of fleet and quarry management systems. All of our solutions development is carried out in Germany. Today, sQ is the leading supplier of fleet management solutions across the globe for the quarry industry.