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Strong and hardworking - for whom a promise is a promise. The kind of people who get things done. What happened? Today, all we talk about is blown up costs and schedules delayed by months. Is this really who we want to be?

Challenging the status quo is at the heart of our philosophy. With our joint vision, we commit ourselves to save time, money and lives while changing the reputation of our industry.
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Starter package into the era of smart machines and processes. All your priority KPIs and bottlenecks of your fleet at a glance. Act instantly, effectively and precisely on the causes and effects of downtime.


Broaden the functional scope of talpa ON. Master your operation with targeted features for mobile use in the field. Instantly direct the right person to the right place for the highest priority task.


Unrivaled product for the integral management to benchmark your mixed fleet. Crown your operations by commanding future outcomes. Change your fleet strategy to meet the erratic nature of your operation during a shift, not afterwards.

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